Thursday, 2 July 2015

Needing Services

With the water tank getting low and the Elsan getting full we needed to find some services so pulled into Oundle marina. Free water and Elsan disposal, can't be bad!
On the way we passed Oundle mill that had be turned into a top class restaurant but sadly is now closed after being made the best restaurant in Northamptonshire in 2013/2014.

A short day was planned today as we had turned a couple of days early and now had time on our hands. On the way downstream we spotted some delightful mooring alongside the garden of the King's Head at Wadenhoe and so we pulled in to sample some lunchtime beer and book ourselves in for an evening meal. They charge £10 a night if you don't frequent the pub as they have had boaters in the past that moor up for days and drink their own beer!

A walk around the village beckoned and what a delight it was too. Picture postcard thatched cottages everywhere and a dovecote still with its 650 nesting boxes inside.

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