Sunday, 30 June 2013



Now that Keith has fully retired we have decided to embark on  "The  Grand Voyage"
We normally moor in Stourport on Severn but have recently taken temporary moorings in Sharpness Marina that is only one lock away from the Bristol Channel. Yes, you've guessed it, we are about to take on a Pilot on Tuesday to make the passage down the mighty Bristol Channel to Bristol via Portishead and wend our way back to Stourport over the ensuing weeks.
The hop cannot be made in a wind speed any greater than a Force 3 and at the moment the forecast is for high winds for the rest of the week so we could be holed up in Sharpness for a few days waiting for a suitable weather window.

Gravel Barge on the River Severn
Rising up from the Severn into Gloucester Docks
Overnight stop at The Lower Lode Inn
Firefighting practice on the opposite bank whilst we supped the Real Ale
FoTV in Gloucester Docks
One of the many warehouses
All that remains of the 22 arch railway bridge that used to cross the river until it was damaged one foggy night in November 1959 when a vessel collided with it.
A rare sight. A woodpecker at work.
Our temporary moorings in Sharpness Marina