Sunday, 5 July 2015

Chill Out Days

Not blogged the last few days as we have just been chugging back up the Neen just enjoying the scenery and not doing too much. Just how holidays should be! We did stop off again on Saturday at the site of the Rushton and Diamonds football stadium that have excellent moorings. Keith was craving for a curry that has been denied him for the last 3 weeks so we visited the Eastern Spice up in the town. Have to say that the menu was nothing like what you get back in good old Bristow. To be recommended.
At 5am on Sunday we were awakened by the sound of a generator in the car park. When we moored here last Saturday there was a car boot sale taking place but as it was raining it became a non event. This is a weekly event and at 7am the place was alive with stalls and goods galore, dozens and dozens of cars each selling their own wares and hundreds of punters. Quite amazing.
During our progress today we met our friends Simon and Pat aboard Daedalus who we went down the Bristol Channel with in 2013. We breasted up to them and jumped aboard for a cuppa and gave them some mooring tips for their ongoing trip downstream. Great to see you again guys.
We had the same problem of weed as we had when we were travelling downstream stopping at every alternate lock to clear the wretched stuff from the prop.
Our planned stop for Sunday night was adjacent to a field next to Cogenhoe lock. When we got there we realised that it was polite to inform the owner that we intended to moor there. This we duly did and bumped into Carol and Steve who me met for a session earlier in the week; they moor there.  They invited us to moor in a vacant spot on their moorings and we joined them in the Crows Nest for a few bevys before we retired to the boat to devour a delightful steak that was purchased in Tescos a few days earlier. There are full facilities here including a washing machine so we will be taking full advantage of this in the morning.

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